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Post Subject: The year 2009. Audio ObjectivesPosted by Romy the Cat on: 1/2/2009

I do not see any major changes coming in 2009, nor do I feel a need for them. Recalling all my dids and my thoughts here a brief outline of Audio Projects that I will be involved in 2009 and of cause anything else might come alone in future…

1)      It is not strictly audio project but it kind of related: I need to move my audio site out of my static IP DSL line to a data center. I have high-speed ADSL but the site has a lot of traffic and my crappy DSL like runs over 100% of utilization. I think I will take a few day efforts to set up a one or two ProLiants and dump them closer to data access point.

2)      Put in use Avicenna Power Regenerator, test it and find a final power configuration of my entire playback, perhaps running it along with APS PurePower, perhaps instead of PurePower or to conclude that the PurePower is better. I think this might take a month of experiments.

3)      Finish, test and integrate the MiniMe pilot speaker project. I have very good feeling about it and it actually I think will be a huge fun to play with. The only thing that I am slightly afraid is that if the MiniMe turn out to be good sounding pilot speaker then I might go for a better SS cool-running power amp to drive MiniMe. I think it will be one-two month worth efforts.

4)      Continue to investigate my DHT subject. Built the new Sun Audio amp with a new properly sounding circuit, at this point around 2A3 and to see if it is warranted to replace the Melquiades’ MF channel with it. I think this project will be a couple month in length.

5)      Introduce to Macondo the long-expected 7th channel and learn how to use it. I might be a few months project, and it might take a few years to learn how to use it. To implement the 7th channel, upon it completion, will take a few days.

6)      To decide which Rohde & Schwarz multiplex decoder is better. I have two MSDS and MSDS2. Both are absolutely wonderful and modified to do their best. I still can’t decide which it “better” as they are in a way different, even though I have a slight bias to MSDS. I still would like to keep juts one multiplex decoder, why would I need two?

7)      Research the AIC subject. My abbreviation of AIC stands from Active Imaging Control, the idea that fascinated me for a while and I have some practical hypothesis that I might try to implement. It might take from a few months to a few years… who knows…

8)      Try the “Absurd Driver”. Your do not know about it. I have discovered an “unknown” in audio vacuum tube that I would be very much interested to try for sound; it never was used for sound, at least for the high-end sound. The tube is absolutely unique and has no resemblance to anything else in existence, and I am not taking about the construction but about the whole another design concept, it has no conventional, cathode, grid and screen… it is very-very different. It is direct heard and only God know how it might sound, the design is superbly interesting though… It might take a few days to put it in use…

9)      To try the Dima’s DAC. Last year Dima invented a completely new “concept” of digital to analog conversion and what is the most astonishing the analog to digital conversion with the same concept (though the A/D is not tested yet). The “concept” is ridicules as the D/A and A/D conversion takes place by the means that never ever were used in audio. How different is it. Well, it is pure analog. I mean there is no single digital element in the whole D/A converter for instance. It might be along transistors or even tubes - it does not matter. Dima is building his tubes-only DAC that will have no single digital element. I really would like to hear this thing….

7)      Macondo and DPoLS? I think it is the time to go for it....

That is pretty much all that I have at the top of my mind as now. I am sure something else will come by…

The Cat

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