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Post Subject: 2008: Some Good; Some Good IdeasPosted by Paul S on: 12/30/2008
I had my best-to-date listening sessions this year, but still 2008 has been a mixed bag for me.  I did get pretty much what I was aiming for, or rather I did on those occasions when the electricity happened to be decent.  The big events were the system finally "settling" into its pre-imagined potential and late in the year when I finally made an effort and came up with a quick way to set VTA optimally with very consistent results.  I suppose the "double twisting 2 1/2" IC helped more than a little with the "settling".

After 2 years of using them, I still enjoy the ML2s, although I am generally aware of their limitations.  None-the-less, I have not in the meantime heard anything anywhere near as good, and at this point I wouldn't know how to go about bettering the ML2s in real world, overall performance.

Bent TAP TVC, K & K phono stage and Drive 1/iDAT-44+ are all keepers; no significant issues.

I have no idea how many other readers have been as plagued/annoyed with BEP as I have been, but solving this problem once and for all is my top priority for 2009.  In fact, I will not even try to do anything else unless I can consistently get the electricity where I want it.

Once I get the BEP solved I will build speakers along the lines I mentioned in the thread, "Speakers for a Powerful SET".  Like I said there, I want to try yet more weight and I would like to add some headroom.

Oh, yes, I have thought about adding gold wire to my multi-metal IC, just to hear what happens.

Happy New Year,
Paul S

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