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Post Subject: Re: Center your drivers, boys.Posted by cv on: 4/15/2005

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Very good point - I will direct Martin's attention to this. Visually, it looks like he did an excellent job on the 340 Hz horns, and the 160Hz horns will be rolled off at 1k anyway but nonetheless, will see what he reckons. Actually, no need - I just remembered: he got a machine shop to turn a threaded mould in ally, with a precise 1.5" plug protruding at the end; he then moulded the horn throat around that in resin. So in theory, it should be pretty damn precisely centred by design as the horn threads on to the driver (or is it the other way round?). Still, when I get some measurment equipment setup I'll check the 3-5k response to be sure.

JMLC has mentioned the need for precise centering in the past, and it's another thing that struck me about all the WE 555/594 users etc - they take what may or may not be wonderful drivers then attach them to some discontinuous *throat adaptor* using something that was salvaged from a shower hose...

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