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Post Subject: The Ortofone Jubilee Recommendation.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/7/2008

I got last week two emails and one this morning, from people who read this thread and ask me basically the same question: Romy, do you recommend the Ortofone Jubilee? The people who did it before and received from me no replies or the replies with suggestion to go screw themselves know how it works. People have no concept how much I do not care what you people consider to purchase or willing to use. The poor audio freaks are so accustom that any knowledge in audio get converted into a tradable commodity that they do not feel that the “conversions” might not be necessary…. One of the emails last week even made me to laugh and the person asked do send him to hell as he is a classical music listener. At the same time the people do not ask proper questions in proper formats, which would make extending the recommendations interesting. They just want somebody stick their damn noses into something.

Anyhow, in case of Ortofone Jubilee I think I do need to raise my voice and extend an official recommendation. Here is comes…

I would like to state a strong OPPOSITION to a recommendation for people buying Ortofone Jubilee cartridges. This my disapproval of Ortofone Jubilee does not derive from the Ortofone Jubilees sonic performance – if you read the thread then you will see that I am pleased with Jubilee’s sound. However I feel the current production of Ortofone Jubilee is defective (search my site with word “Compliance Noise”). I do not insist that the Compliance Noise is something that is hugely auditable during playback but it shell not be there in new cartridge. I do not know what Ortofone does with it and according to the US Ortofone distributor no one complained about it, even though he himself verified the problem with the cartridge that I returned to him. This kind of proves my view that the majority of people in audio are deaf Morons but it does not help to Ortofone to fix the problem.

So, if you are in Ortofone realm then complain, vocally and persistency, as it is the Ortofone problem and with your voice they will continue to do whatever they what instead of whatever is necessary.

The Cat

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