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Post Subject: Ok, the news is out. What the Dolby 5.1 is all about?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/2/2008

Upon further search I found the flowing:

They look like offer two formats: MP3 at 320kbps this is a crap and multi-channel WMA Lossless. The WMA Lossless is 88/24 and this might be interesting if it goes 2 channels. Only God knows why those fools decided to go it in 6 channels. I am sure the BSO people consulted with some kind of “industry specialist”  and that fucking idiot pointred them into 5.1 channels direction. Very sad!

There are a few other concerns that I have. 

1)     What source BSO used for their WMA 6-channels – was it the BSO archives take or it was juts copy of BSO CD. I think it is the last one.

2)     How much Dolby 5.1 processing destroys sound?

3)     If it future BSO will be releasing in WMA format their current events then will the feed be edited before porting to  WMA

4)     Does Dolby hjave a way read or to extract 2 channels from the file?

The Cat

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