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Post Subject: Trojan Horse TurntablePosted by Lbjefferies7 on: 11/27/2008

A turntable that is attractive to Morons that just so happens to kill them off...HA!  Reminds me of the tantilizing glow of a bug zapper.  ZZZAP! There goes another one.

It seems that a liquid driven/suspended platter would have to opperate off of two separate systems, one with a fixed pressure to suspend, and one with adjustable jets to facilitate speed adjustment.  That is unless a sophisticated nozzle could be made that would increase pressure without increasing volume output.  I'll have to research more.

I do have an interest turntables now as I am looking to upgrade my sources (digital too).  It is doubtful that I will go in such an insane direction...It would probably be much more valuable to dredge up an old RX-5000 or 8000.  What's the deal with Micro Seiki, anyway?  Are they still in business?  I haven't found a website.

My Kindest regards to you and your Koshka on Thanksgiving!

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