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Post Subject: It would fit to Great Cello ConcertosPosted by Romy the Cat on: 11/23/2008

 twogoodears wrote:
Tears theory: interesting... BUT, most important, and this REALLY find me fully agreeing, you named my very "King of the Orchestra": Its Majesty the Double-Bass!

It you like contrabass then in context of this thread I might pitch you a recording that you most likely do not know. In this recording the Double-Bass plays very much like cello but it has some “reserve” at lower octave – very interning. It plays by the most beautiful-sounding in my view contrabass known today, the former Kousevitzky bass. It is 17 century Amati and it is true  the “King of the Basses”.

The recording I refer was made here in Boston by Gary Karr (who took over the Kousevitzky bass) and it is not available from normal resellers. You can get it only from Gary Karr’s personal web site:

The disc I am taking about called “The Spirit of Koussevitzky” and it is the item number: R252 on their only store.  Be very careful however. After you heard what Gary Karr and Kousevitzky bass did with Scriabin preludes you will be willing to buy anything Gary Karr ever recorded. Do not do it. I did and I do not like everything that Gary Karr plays. Some of his play is truly remarkable.

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