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Post Subject: A lucidly implemented digital?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/18/2008

Looking what we do with our players, transports, A/D processors,  D/D processors , D/A processors, externals clocks, cables,  mass storages I find that it is all so bogus and so irrational. To my surprise I do not see anybody does what I would call “lucidly implemented digital”.

What I feel might be the “lucidly implemented digital”?

I remember the time of my stupid interests of Home Theaters I experimented with Theta Casablanca processor. It a very large machine with all imaginable configurations and it was very convenient. Unfortunately it was now good preamp and not good DAC, even with the Theta’s premiums DACS (cost 4K more) it was not as good, but it is not the point. The point is that at today digital I see that all digital needs of might be easy combined into one unit. Here are some my demands for this virtual single processor.

1)      Disk reader up to 32 bit, up 182kHz, DSD, Blue Ray and whatever hell they else have.

2)      D/A preferably multibit with modifiable filtration algorithm, including no post DA filtration.

3)      4 solid-stage single-ended stages with high-output, 5-7V at least.

4)      A/D up to 24/182kHz.

5)      2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs, please stop to use crap and go with BNC connectors .

6)      Single-ended and balance analog output.

7)      Internal mixer alloying to map any of 2 inputs, outputs, disk reader and mass-storage reader to each other.

8)      An Ethernet connector with 150 mBit/sec to connect external mass-storage.

9)      Word-clock in and out.

10)   An ability to follow the clock slaving to the particular combination that was selected in the internal mixer.

11)   Remote control with  ability to be plugged into another PC for full remote control of the master possessor

12)   Possibility of remote activation

13)   Sonically the possessor ether from own disk reader or from HD or from mass-storage reader shell be as good as it shell be.

14)   Internal temporary recording hard drive, or flash card with  a few hundred megs.

15)   Silent and fast  operation.

I might go on but you pretty much get the picture. The idea is to have a single no-nonsense devise that would do convince and quality. I would like to inst to have such a processor be able to feed it from my phonostage or tape or FM and be able to have on my preamps to hear 3 sources: phonostage-to-preamp, phonostage- A/D-D/C- preamp, phonostage- A/D- disk -D/C- preamp. If any of the paths sound different then what we are talking about?

Ironically the industry is not too far from what I would like to see. A good contemporary DAW with something like Lynx 22 is almost there. I think another 3-5 year and the very friendly and compact mashies will hit the market. How good sound they will produce is another subject. Now there are many high-end dedicated audio servers but I have no knowledge about the level of this their snick performance. I just would like to have the functionally of Lavry DA924, Pacific Microsonics, CEC TL0 , Lynx’s mixer  and a few those that I do not have combined in a small not demanding box. I see no reason why I sell not have it.

The caT

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