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Post Subject: Remote control - the ultimate enemy.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/12/2005

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There is nothing in playback system that is as devastating as remote control. A remote control is something that easily converts a listener into a zombie audio-Moron – thanks God the there is very fertile contingent of candidates among audiophiles.

There are countless discussion among audio people: which remote control is better and which topology of the remote controls less ruin sound but what audio people do miss is an understanding that a remote control, as a consept, is quite devastating tool for our listening techniques and for listening habits.

No one would argue that it is great to be able to adjust volume (and for people who use high efficiency playback system this is practically useful). No one argue that it is nice to be able to advance the trucks back and forth. But do we need it for our audio experiments or we really need it for out music listening?

My point is that when you playback is set, optimized, up and running then toss your remote control to the further and darkest corner of your house and learn to live without remote control. Learn do not change volume whale you listen music. Learn do not stop listening while a musical piece is over. Learn do not remove the disc while the side is through. Learn do not even walk in the room while you play music.

Really, a remote control is an audio crutch and for any person who knows what to do while s/he listen music the remote control is completely worthless. Only when you learn do not use the remote control, only then you may allow it to sit in your room within your reach.

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