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Post Subject: The 6C33C production and the tubes stashingPosted by Romy the Cat on: 11/10/2008

I do not know if Russians still make them. I do not think they do as they hardly manufacture anything nowadays. I presume that there a large stock of them in Russia as Victor Khomenko (from BAT) told that during the peak of the 6C33C production Russians made 100.000 tubes per month.  I think a few years back Victor told that they are still being made…

The 6C33C were not made at one factory. Before 1970 there were produces by Svetlana in Leningrad, the Winged. Then for a short time the production reportedly was moved to Poljaron in Lvov, it is Western Ukraine. Then from beginning of 70s the 6C33C were made by Ulyanovsk plant. The Svetlana’s tubes from 60s usually are more pricy and “rare” but I do not find it justifiable. I never had any Lvov-made tubes and most of tubes that you will find today are Ulyanovsk-made from 70s and 80s. I did see tubes made in 91-92 but I never have seen anything later then 1992. I use 6C33C since ~ 1995-96.

I do not worry about the long-term availability  anymore.  I kind of had preoccupation in past with stashing of those damn tubes. When I discovered 7788-7721 I then stashed a few dozen of them of all imaginary manufactures – I have quite unique collection of them. When Dima pitched to me his 5E5P/6E6P and I learned how good they were I got from Russia a near 1000 of them, all imaginable vintages. Who cared how many if they were 11c-19c each and the cost of shipping was the most pricy part of the transaction. The same was with 6C33C. Before I gone for the 12-chennal Melquiades DSET I got from Russia 200 of 6C33C somewhere $4.85 per tube + $200 of a bribe to Russky custom service. The tubes are sitting in boxes in my storage… However, last year I it suddenly hit me how Moronic it all was. We need or two a tube per year and we waste our time, money and attention to create a mental deficit in our own minds. If I do not have those tubes in my stash then what would be a big deal to go to the open market and to buy the tube WHEN I NEED IT? Well, it will be slightly more expensive – so what, big deal!!  Those tubes cost the same as a large provolone sandwidge in downtown Boston - we do not count money when we by a sandwidge during lunch, so why we so preoccupied with availability (that is juts only money) when we pay the same price for a tube twice a year? I just recognize that it ridicules behavior is and I do not do the tubes or any other parts stuffing any longer. Anyhow, the long term availability of tubes or anything else does not bother me anymore.

The Cat

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