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Post Subject: Satisfactory resultsPosted by peter foster on: 11/9/2008
Dear Romy,

I have completed testing on my machines and am now satisfied with the results.

I have three output sections of the FM tuner able to be switched easily on my amplifier for instant comparison.

a) [FM tuner FIXED ANALOG OUTPUT] -> [amplifier] -> [speakers].
b) [FM tuner variable OUTPUT-1 (dial set on zero)] -> [ADC (L&R gains set on 66)] -> [DAC] -> [amplifier] -> [speakers].
c) [FM tuner variable OUTPUT-2 (dial set on six)]  -> [amplifier] -> [speakers].

At those settings I would have to concentrate hard to pick differences between the three at any volume setting of my amplifier.  I tried other settings and for a given amplifier volume I can get same satisfactory results from the three output sections BUT as amplifier volume is increased then background noise for b) increases much more than for a) and c).

Note that when dial of the variable OUTPUT-1 and variable OUTPUT-2 sections is set on zero this is not really zero because a quality signal is still being output.  This dial can be and has to be rotated to less than zero for no signal to be output.

Now I need to insert my hard disk recorder between ADC and DAC and test results.

Regards, Peter Foster.

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