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Post Subject: Jubilee questions and perhaps answersPosted by Lbjefferies7 on: 11/9/2008

Romy wrote (in blue)
Do you mean to post WAV files that might be indicative to the sound of Ortofone Jubilee.

Farmer when he went into his Australian TT craze spread CDs that according to him demonstrated “good sound from the new TT”.
Well, if an accredited professional audio reviewer does it, Wink  No, just kidding.  Using a digital sample like he did is just foolishness.  It is Mike afterall, what can we expect?

...posting the image my interpretation of the Albert Memorial’s bas-relief above.
Yes!  I thought that was an excelent visualization, but I was interested in more specific aspects of the Jubilee's color.  You said above... is very “agreeable” and it is spectacularly colorful – colorful but in very smart way
"Colorful in a very smart way" is something I have been thinking about and has risen many questions.  The way my system handles dynamics is quite important to me and I am fairly satisfyed with it's "smartness" in this aspect.  I can imagine ways many ways that color can be used smartly and I thought that a WAV may prove to be educational.  Of course, it may not as well. 

If you are considering buying Otophone Jubilee then I might record some files with Jubilee and SPU playing the same material but the question that I would ask somebody if it was done for me: how do I know that each cartridge in the recording is identically optimumly- performing?
No, I am not buying one and I am not interested in comparison tests.  With Warren Buffett being one of Obama's new cronies, I am focusing all funds on Berkshire-Hathaway stock.  I got some Halliburton stock when the Iraq war started in 2003...It did just fine.  My interests in the Jubilee have nothing to do with equipment, but rather with Sound.  Color is something my system is lacking (though the blacks, greys, and whites keep me fairly amazed, especially in "spacious" recordings) so I would like to educate myself.  Any advice you would offer would be cheerfully appreciated.  If you don't think samples would help or would just be a pain in the ass, don't worry about it.

I would like to ask a question.  Does the Jubilee add a specific color signature, or does it change appropriately with the music it plays?  What does it do when you play Rachmaninov's Second Piano Concerto?

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