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Post Subject: The Mike Framer syndrome?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/8/2008

 Lbjefferies7 wrote:
Would it be possible for you to post some samples?

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LBJ...With a little help from Giacomo Puccini

What so you mean” to post samples”?  Do you mean to post WAV files that might be indicative to the sound of Ortofone Jubilee. This is a complicated subject. Farmer when he went into his Australian TT craze spread CDs that according to him demonstrated “good sound from the new TT”. I always felt that the idea was completely idiotic and demonstrated absolutely nothing. Well, the bigger question would be: is it possible to have a methodology that would show off the difference between the cartridges and make this different portable into some kind digital, easily portable format? I partially answered this question by posting the image my interpretation of the Albert Memorial’s bas-relief above. How about a CD with a few optimumly- performing cartridges playing the same record under identically-dependant conditions? Perhaps it would be useful but here is the catch – I do not need it. If I was a dealer who care many needles and I need to convince somebody what to buy then I would do it and invest some time and efforts into a development of some kind of “Remote Cartridges Assessment”. I y case I need no one to convince beside myself, so my scope is very limited.  If you are considering buying Otophone Jubilee then I might record some files with Jubilee and SPU playing the same material but the question that I would ask somebody if it was done for me: how do I know that each cartridge in the recording is identically optimumly- performing? So, it is not so simple to convince others if you respect the mater of the subject and the essence of idea.

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