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Post Subject: The Razor's EdgePosted by Paul S on: 11/7/2008
What a great question, Adrian.

To answer within the context of the thread, I think I try to "split the difference", beginning with as "neutral" a cartridge as I could find,at least as compared to The Grail, Master Tape.  And I still cling to the notion that as much of the rest of my system as possible should also be "neutral", opting for speakers that are as neutral as possible without sounding constipated, and without requiring amps I hate.  I like very much the way horns "jump" right along in good time, but I cannot take their colorations.  I love the way some planars do imaging and micro-dynamics, but I can't stand the way they lag when the going gets tough.  I don't know how this fits with your idea of "additive or subtractive" aural genotypes.

Things began to shift - big time - with the ML2s in the system.  Everyone should own a pair for a while.  Although they are "uncolored" tonaly, they are extremely colorful, and they are certainly not "neutral", as in "non-present", although you might be hard-pressed to "characterize" them in the context of Music.  And this year I consciously "added" sonic "qualities" via IC for the first time.  Before that, I only thought about "neutral, good; colored, bad".  I still think that way, but I suppose I no longer really act that way...

It might help if you told more about your idea of "The Sound" you want and what you figure you "sacrifice" to get it.

Best regards,
Paul S

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