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Post Subject: Additive errors and listeningPosted by drdna on: 11/7/2008
 Romy the Cat wrote:
I have a nasty habit to emphasize in my listening attention the things that I do not appreciate
I am actually very surprised to hear you say this. I have stated before my thoughts on a preference in listening for additive or subtractive errors, based on how different people's brains process the information.

Actually a very interesting article recently described the capacity for information processed through the optic nerve as quite low, much less than a megabyte. This ought to result in a very grainy image, but our brains process the information into a seamless vision of reality. Similar processing occurs for sound with the cochlear nerves, so much of what and why we hear depends on how we are wired.

However, everything I had read thus far on the website suggested that Romy and the others here may listen with a preference for ignoring defects in sound and listening for the preservation of the Sound in audio (i.e., a preference for additive error in audio rather than subtractive error.)

Do others also tune there stereos to preserve the Sound (as I do), largely ignoring any additive errors and distortions that crop up?


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