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Post Subject: The New Ortofone Jubilee’s jubileePosted by Romy the Cat on: 11/7/2008

This new “Rev B” Ortofone Jubilee surprised me with it amassing agreeability

I have a nasty habit to emphasize in my listening attention the things that I do not appreciate.  I might listen something, would it be amp, or speaker, or live event, or whoever and to discover a thing that I do not like. Other people acknowledge it and move in their listing attention. My stupid mine works in ugly way: if I discover it once then I begin to hyper-sensitively recognize the very same problem each next time I listed the same thing. Sure, like anyone else I do mental compromises and agree to embraces the various aspects of “non-perfection” but in my listening practice the understood sonic bugs bother me look like much more then they bother other people with whom I shared those thoughts.

I know well all “issues” of my entire playback and the “issues” of my individual components. The stranger to me is that the longer I am experiencing my new Ortofone Jubilee (as I call it jokingly “Rev B”) the more I surprised that this cartridge does not piss me off. The Jubilee is so “roundly good” and so well balanced that if give a sense of complete immunity to criticism, at list my criticism. It does not strike me as out of ordinary performer in any assessable dimension but at the same time it does not give any room for criticism ether. It is very infrequently seen behavior in audio when the bitching about NOTHING might be applied. At I have seen it only twice (and both time with analog!!!) – first time with SME 3012 tonearm and the second time with Expressive Technology ET2 transformer. The Jubilee looks like strike me in the very same league – I, being me, would like to complain about something but the actual performance does not give me the justifications to do so. Ok, not I ma, thanks god, pissed!

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