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Post Subject: Another UK based barbarian speaks! Taking the S2 down low...Posted by cv on: 4/11/2005


lopressor open
Honestly, we're gonna have to start calling you Romy "magnetar" Bessnow if you keep changing your mind like this...*

My S2s all seem to measure completely differently, will have to get some more accurate and careful measurements done I think with new and old dias.

Reassuring to hear that the S2's empire is expanding its borders unchallenged. Looking forward to hearing how Macondo evolves; may I suggest that if you are going to try a bigger horn with the driver that you consider the JM Le Cleac'h flare? The large roundover helps prevent reflections and I believe it may be less susceptible to the tractrix in this regard anyway. I suspect this is why you find fur balls in the throat of the horn useful, the JM may not be as needy.

Love the "barbarian" appelation btw, I'll be wearing that with pride.

Oh, on a side note, Roy Gregory said in this months HiFi+ (in the review of the Zanden CD system):
"We learn lessons along the way; in the case of hi-fi, they can be attributed to individual components. The Lamm ML2 taught me about tonal (as opposed to spatial) separation."

Sounds like he needs to pay the cat a visit....

Keep us all posted,

*KIDDING - couldn't resist!

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