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Post Subject: EAR 834P modsPosted by Freddy the orange tabby on: 11/4/2008

Recently, I have become aware of a strange phenomenon after lifting the tonearm at the end of the run-out groooves. The record surface noise keeps going when the stylus is no longer in contact with the record. I am using a Garrard 301 with SME 3009 II improved with a Denon 301 cartridge. This is feeding an EAR834P which has been modified by removing C5, R6 & R7 and replacing C5 with a link. I've also upgraded the signal path capacitors, and am using Mullard ECC83 tubes and an Amperex ECC82 tube.
While in itself this phenomenon would appear to be benign, it occurs to me that while listening to records the level of surface noise is probably being raised by this unidentified noise, and thereby reducing resolution. I've tried replacing tubes, and replacing the C5 link with a 100ohm resister, but without any improvement.

I have owned a couple of 834P's in the past, and don't recall experiencing this phenomenon. Neither preamp was modified, other than by tube rolling. Can anyone explain what is happening, and perhaps offer a solution?

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