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Post Subject: And a secret tip...Posted by op.9 on: 10/27/2008
I've no idea if the LP will be better. In my experience Mike Dutton really makes excellent transfers. I'd be fascinated though if you could do better...

BTW. do you listen to mono recordings with one single speaker? I've listen to this recording both ways and I'm still not sure what I prefer. There are moments of real magic with a single speaker... but I think my brain makes some sort of false stereo when I listen with 2 speakers, and I find it easier to separate different musical lines..

I know all three Tchaikovsky quartets well. I think they are ALL masterpieces. No.1 is played the most and seems to me to be a greater work each time. (some moments in the finale are amongst my favourite EVER)! I've just recently got to know no.3 after a good and trusted friend insisted. He is very right. I found it tricky to get attuned to it until I was TOLD it was great.

I have no recordings of these myself at the moment. Strange, because I used to have a recording of the Keller quartet that was really quite good if I remember rightly. Might be worth searching for it. This sort of music really begs for a live performance though doesn't it?

(Latest secret tip - Just been rediscovering 'unknown' Dvorak you have any recordings? I'm growing to HATE the Prague Quartet. But its all I've got. Try the f minor no.5... )

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