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Post Subject: Oh... file size... right, right, right...Posted by Paul S on: 10/22/2008
Thanks, Greg.

The reviewer (Wes Phillips) gave me the impression that Wadia had finally vaulted the main obstacle to "CD-quality" sound by providing an outboard DAC for the largest capacity, license-keyed iPODs.  It is quite likely that I, in my ignorance, have wishfully extended the putative capibility to reach redbook playback levels with iPODs to internet file sharing.

Wes also ran A/B tests with "loss-less" ALC files ripped from his own CDs, and he literally said, "If there was a difference between the original CD and the digital output of the 170iTransport, I never heard it." (Wes Phillips)

But I suppose ripping a CD onto an iPOD nano is different than downloading ALC, WAV, or AIF files, because, if nothing else, one always faces the issue of TIME with respect to downloading LARGE files?  Right?

Best regards,
Paul S

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