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Post Subject: OK, digitechs, why won't iPOD "dock" DAC work?Posted by Paul S on: 10/21/2008

Since it's always hard to guage situational significance by the presence or absence of fanfare, and since I know squat about digital, I was wondering if anyone better educated than I (ie, anyone) happened to see the iPOD "dock" review in the October 2008 Stereophile, which I just got around to reading

Although there are some indications that the reviewer is not particularly demanding either of media or playback, still, the idea of the file sharing suggested by this "system" gets my heart racing.

Of course I am overlooking critical issues, right?  No way it can be as simple as downloading music files into an iPOD and playing them straight into the main system like a CD, like the reviewer says, right?

And did I read that the reviewer also mentions using the dock's "digital output" into his CD player?  On the one hand, this seems to make no sense at all.  On the other hand, is he saying I could feed an iPOD into my iDAT?

No, you're right; I don't understand what I'm reading.

The "dock" is made in China for Wadia.  I've heard lots of their constantly-changing CD stuff, which I rank with EMM, etc, and would generally not consider for my main system.  But I'm pretty sure I would compromise to get the file sharing so cheap; and if, as the reviewer says, there is no drop in quality from redbook CD, then, whoopie!

(If I mention that the files in question are MP3, do you lose interest?)

Paul S

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