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Post Subject: Putting the Wood to Permandur Object WorshipPosted by Paul S on: 10/20/2008
Be, that's pretty emperical, all right.

Regarding the 5" versus 9" listening comparison, I wonder if the (inevitable-for-the-genre?) response peaks simply struck more of an aural contrast with the bigger driver and it's "1-note bass", creating a greater sense of discontinuity?

Although I am facinated with the Japanese aesthetic, and these drivers, too, I have not tried to keep up with the evolution of the Feastrex and/or its attendent "literature".  Have I missed out on conversations about the whys and hows of how and why various designs and materials were developed, leading up to these particular "solutions" in terms of sound and/or leveled sonic objectives?  Because from the outside it certainly appears to be a situatuion where the exotic is sought out and then touted merely as such, as though rarity and degree of difficulty in and of themselves are reasons enough for fetish-ism/object worship.

A while back, Dominic made a very intelligent case for adopting/using the small drivers to get a "contextual reading" of music.  But I have not seen/heard anything so thoughtful from the folks who actually make this stuff.  Perhaps this "self-limiting" ritual is a "given" that resides in the background of what has consistently seemed to me to be plain old-fashioned (albeit high-brow) hyperbole?

I mean, either they get or they do not get that such drivers have very serious limitations and/or are +/- "anicdotal" as stand-alones.  But I can't tell from the literature I have read which it is...

Paul S

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