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Post Subject: Macondo vs UtopiaPosted by Romy the Cat on: 10/15/2008

 CO wrote:
But Romy, you also have the different channels in a curved array ? Whats the difference I know your's are time aligned but the Utopias must be as well.

Collin, you are correct the Macondo and Utopia implement the same curved line alignment. BTW, I do not know if Utopia is time-align. I see no seasons why it shell not be but is the people who design it were stupid enough to make the speaker with bendable axis’ then it is not see it why they needed to pursue the  time-alignment (an angling of single axis offset time-alignment)

However, despite that Macondo and Utopia implement the “same” curved line alignment but it only looks like this as the Macondo and Utopia use different idea.  The picture describes this fact.


Now, how to interpret it. A loudspeaker driver is not a geometrical dot in space but it has a dimensions. Then time-differences for sounds arrival from center cone and the side of the cone is responsible for attenuation off the driver axis or for the directory of the driver.  So in ideal world the all surfaces of all drivers shell radiant sound that would arrive to a listening spot at the very same time. Now look at the image and tell me which configuration assures the perfect arrival to the sweet spot from any single point of the driver cones? It looks like what Utopia does shell be way superior solution, right. Well, not necessary.

The Utopia-aliment is absolutely perfect a single point of the distance. This pint is astonishingly small and any deviation from this point throws the alignment in complete disarray, any steeping out from the “magic” point create avalanche-like worsening of alignment. Then look what Macondo does. The alignment is not perfect to begin with and the center cone and the sides have time differences (I call them angular errors) BUT those differences are virtually constant with distance. It means that at 10 feet the angular errors would be slimly different then from and 5 feet but this different would develop very gradually. In Macondo-type alignment the angular errors rise when the sweat spot go into extreme nearfiled. From mid-filed to far-filed the angular errors become negligible. In Utopia-aliment there is no leeway for any angular errors – it is of in focus (this about optical lance) or completely out of focus.

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