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Post Subject: If you like the Nanut’s Mahler 6….Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/12/2008

 If you like the Nanut’s Mahler 6 then you must hear what BSO did last night. Levin lead BSO Boston Symphony over 3 days Mahler 6 concert. I am going to the last one that will be on Tuesday but yesterday I decided to listen and to record a live FM broadcast. I thought I heard them all, holy cow!

I turned the recorders and went to do something else. I was not impressed with BSO opening but they were warming up and in the end of first movement I was glued in front of the speakers. The BSO was suddenly playing like a mad dog that runs away from his chin. I did not expect that at all. In Mahler 6 you need killer bras and cupper section – BSO never had it. However, last night BSO show off not only the amassing bras/cupper but the entire orchestra sound so much different then usually. Suddenly BSO had tone and aptitude to USE the tone. Suddenly BSO got balls to play with balls and with great enthusiasm and eagerness. The BSO squirted out itself the Mahler’ music and it was so natural as it always was living there. The last 3 movement was like nothing else. I was listening the broadcast and I was clearly realizing that I was experiencing a truly historical play of the Mahler 6.

This morning I decided to re-listen the fist movement again and… you know I like it much more then last night. I can wait to hear them live on Tuesday. I know the “magic” usually does not happens twice but I still hope…

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