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Post Subject: Altec A2Posted by RacerXtreme on: 10/3/2008
Hi.   First time here.   So this is where all the horn lovers go......

My wife calls this my "man-cave"....

I look at it as my "home stereo".  This photo is a couple months old.  Just add a freshly re-coned pair of JBL 2225's and six JBL 2360A horns w/ 2446j comp. drivers.

Got four JBL 4311 studio monitors, 7 guitars, Fender, Line-6, and Peavey amps, a new Yamaha MM6 keyboard, an old 16 ch. Yamaha mixer etc....   The system is tri-amped through a Rane AC23 x-over.   I even have the original wings for the big 210 cabinets.    About 25 years ago, I bought the entire  A2 system out of the George Burns Theater when it closed.   It used to be called the "Mai-Kai".   Initially, I had 12 Altec 288 "Hollywood" comp. drivers, four tar-filled ten-cell (5x2) 1005B horns, and 3 tar-filled (3x5) 15 cell 1505B horns.......... but sold all of that in favor of the JBL horns.    It's just my opinion, but I think they sound better.  Tried some of the big Altec MR94
"Mantaray" horns too. 

Sold the original 515's years ago, but bought four more (made in June of 1953) to take their place.    Want to get them re-coned so they can handle a little more power.   Bill @ Great Plains Audio was highly recommended.   Four JBL 2225's will be in the other two Altec cabinets.    2 are in there now.    The mids are Peavey MB-1's w/ 12" Black Widow drivers.    At first I liked them, now I'm not so sure.......   I realize I'm creating problems by placing them side-by-side above the 210's, but that's the only way they easily fit in my garage.    They were basically free......... so for what they cost.......... they sound o.k. 

2 of the 2360 horns hang from the ceiling in the opposite corners of this room.   The other 4 JBL horns aren't even hooked up.  

I need a bigger garage......

And a 100W Marshall half-stack, and a new guitar...........

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