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Post Subject: The anti-skating-anti-shmetingPosted by Romy the Cat on: 9/30/2008

 Paul S wrote:
If you think anti-skating requirement is always the same for every cartridge, then do it how you always do it.

Likewise, if you find no relationship between tracking/tracing and imaging, bless you.

It is not what I said. The anti-skating force is different for each cartridge’s VTF, for each arm shape and for each set of other parameters. The anti-skating is a fixed parameter for a given configuration and it is absolutely worthless to talk about anti-skating in context of cartridges comparing. If to pick deeper then different compliance cartridges express different tolerance for the anti-skating imperfection but it has no practical meaning as the anti-skating in typical arms is perfectly set only for a single point on the record, not for a whole record. The relationship between anti-skating (I have no idea what tracking/tracing has to do with it) and imaging is totally out my understating. Thanks for the blessing.

Anyhow, I have no intention to talk about anti-skating anymore in context of this thread.

The Cat

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