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Post Subject: Anti-skating as the Einstein-Rosen Bridge?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/30/2008

Paul, I am sorry, be are you know in better word as Sarah Palin?

What anti-skating has to do with anything? What does it mean that “MC 3000II takes LOTS of anti-skate” or that one cartridge took more anti-skate than some other cartridges? The anti-skating is not a metaphysical hypothetical force that exists out awareness. Anti-skating is a fixed and well-defined characteristic of cartridge operation and it is imposable to have that one cartridge take more anti-skate than some other cartridges. A cartridge take as much anti-skate as it design and the design of arm allow, no more, no less. It also has absolutely no relation with “decent imaging”…

Anyhow, this is not the thread about anti-skating but I thought to make a comment as what you said sounds too bogus to me and at this site only I have a rights to express silliness....

The Cat

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