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Post Subject: The Ortofone’s first soundPosted by Romy the Cat on: 9/26/2008

I mounted the new Jubilee last night. I did not have much time to listen it and all that I heard was just a half side of a record that I know well. The Jubilee was at 2.3g, no enforced VTA, loaded to 75R, the 3012 arm with default shell: I have no idea what it needs and will play with all of the things later on.  It was interesting how that “fist kiss” goes as regardless of the perspective optimizations and been not broken-in I feel that the most important points shell be indicative right the way.

It was indicative. My fist feeling was kind of very positive surprise as Jubilee dose not sound like my Ortofone SPU – the Jubilee appears to be more “high-tech” cartridge then SPU Classic. That is good sign and it is what I would like to capitalize upon. I do not know if it goes into the “high-tech” domain as deep as Shelter 901 – for that I need to know Jubilee more intimate…

The Jubilee is not stale sounding cartridge; it is what I was afraid after Kouetsu. In fact the Jubilee looks like VERY bubbly and very animated, a bit more animated then I would like, even up to the point of tear apart the imaging.  However, it is a too new v and I am too ignorant in the needle’s needs to judge the cartridge more seriously from this perspective.

Where however I was instantaneously and immensely pleased was the Jubilee’s color palette – that was extremely nice. It is tremendously rich and VERY saturated but it looks like it have no color schema of SPU cartages. The SPU palettes more brownish, more decadent and more self-indulgent. Kind of colors for sake of peruse of color nobility. It is like SPU grand to anything color royalty even to peasants. The colors are royal but they subdued and more disciplined. The Jubilee colors sound like a teenager-impressionist – wild and untamed. It does not look that it have and color preferences, at least now - I am sure I will discover later. Shelter did have that same ability to identify colors with no discrimination but Shelter’s colors were very different. If SPU’s colors all diluted with some light brown water then the Shelter’s colors are Shelter with white.  The Jubilee colors are way more interesting then ether SPU or Shelter…

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