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Post Subject: A fanatic Bruckner V – even better then BPO/Zander last year.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/25/2008

I did mean the recent recordings but rather the personal “recording of the week”, the personal recent discoveries.  BTW, I never heard the Pergolesi Stabat Mater before. I will look the Alessandrini’s one….

Here is one wonderful recent discovery: The 1961 performance of the Bruckner Fifth’s (original version) by Franz Konwitschny and Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra. Since I heard this play I so loved it, that being a stupid compulsive Moron, I bought a compilation of 22 Konwitschny’s CDs. Well, it was NOT a lot of good there but the Bruckner Fifth is stay very high. It is so god that I even bought a very expansive set of 1974 pressing on Eterna LP with this Konwitschny/Bruckner Fifth.

The Cat

PS: The play is more interesting then Boston Philharmonic with Zander last year (the best fifth I ever heard) by Boston Philharmonic was live and out of studio. The Bruckner Fifth must be played wide open– it is not the studio-type of recording. From this perspective the “Live” play of Zander kind of does more to me…

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