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Post Subject: I think I will go for implementing it.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/22/2008


The subject of the music servers and the subjects of HOW to record FM are probably the subjects of other threads. I am sure that recording might be implemented by different means - as long as you feel that you do not lose the quality that FM offers then any means are good. I multiple people around the globe who visit this site would record FM and would male this recordings available for swapping then I would not propose any restrictions or regulations for “quality” of recordings, besides the artistic worth of the recorded broadcast. For ourselves:, the quality of assessment is very simple – we should not have a different between what you get out of tuner and what you get out of your recording…

BTW, this conversation brought in my mind a long forgotten idea for Performances Exchange Service:

We regularly exchange recordings of not available otherwise (or hardly available) performances with the people who I know personally but I wonder why I might not exchange performances with the people who I do not know, using my site as the a communication hub? Well, closer to the end of the month I might put some code together and will come up with sort of Performances Exchange Service. I hope it might encourage someone to start to record interesting FM and who know - perhaps some XM (if it is good) performing events.

If someone have any suggestions how you would like the Performances Exchange Service look and feel like then feel free to share in the dedicated thread.  I think I will go for implementing it. Even if fish from around the world visiting public juts one interesting recording per month then it will be well-justified and it is will be the right rendering of my vision about : how the high-end audio should be.

Rgs, the Cat

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