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Post Subject: When the recordings will be coming?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/19/2008

 rwjp wrote:
I live in Melbourne Australia and happened to listen to this live broadcast last night, at a low level due to having two young kids.

Although i don't listen to a lot of classical music, with a new tuner in my system i am finding myself listening to ABC quite often and really enjoying it.

As for recording live broadcasts i have no idea (as yet) the best method for recording from the radio.
My tuner, Accuphase t-1000 does have a digital out so i guess all i need is a dac/cd recorder?

Regards Rob.

Rob, with the Accuphase t-1000, that has digital multiplex decoder it is very easy to record the FM feed. This tuner has 172K A/D built-in and the output stream presumably of 16bit and44k. I do not know it is possible to get from it at least 20bit/44k but it still shell be very convenient tuner with very good quality. It is shame to have a tuner with a digital output and do not record, it is also silly to have such a tuner and “don't listen to a lot of classical music”… :-) but this would be a different story…

Well, if you tuner outputs 44/16 then it is what you CD players does and you do not need anything else. Get a good I/O cared on you compiler (it might be as little as $100) and some kind recording software. Then feed your PC to a DAC the rain your CD (it will recognize the 44/16 stream and you shell be all set.

The Cat

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