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Post Subject: The harpsichord-like cartridge.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/19/2008

 RonyWeissman wrote:
I really like my Shelter 901, but would like something which gives me a little more of the sound that i'm getting from my tuner. What do I mean by that, more realistic space/tone perhaps. 

 I heard a few systems with top of the line Dynavectors – they were fine. I never had my own Dynavector so it is hard to say anything. I had in part a cold shoulder to Dynavector because I had Dynavector 507 tonearm and Dynavector 411 topmost transformer and I did not like both of them. I do not think that it is rational however to anticipate the same negative result from Dynavector needles as I got form arms and transformers.

I think my primary reason why I did not expose myself to other contemporary cartridges was a good performance of Shelter 901. What I was not “broken” - whatever is broken in it now – I very much appreciated what it did. I have many offers during those 9 years from many people to try different cartridges but I truly never had a need – the 901 did exactly what is necessary in my view. If my 901 did not go “south” then I would gladly continue to use it. BTW, who know, I might try now the cartridge that I when for and then… I might return back to another new 901… (Presumably that the today production of 901 is the same that it was 10 years back (this assumption might be a big starch).

So, for a time being I am getting the Otophone Jubilee – I have no idea what it. The recommendation came from a person who has very similar with myself opinion about a few various cartridge that he and I used and who used personally most of the SPUs, Meister, Jubilee, Synergy and Royal. I do not know how accurate would be his advice about Jubilee but he made the case for Jubilee much more substantiated than other people who advised me different cartridges. So, I a very interested what I will be getting, it shell arrive next week.

Regarding what you say: I never experienced any problems with Shelter’s “space” – in my mind Shelter did a phenomenal space.  Did it have the same “space” and the TU-1X? Well, I do not know how about that.  I think that FM (particularly “live” FM) might present space in fundamentally different format. My other “not broken cartridges” can’t fight with my tuner’s “space” as well. The tonal qualities of the Shelter are different story but 901 is not the tonal cartridge, not violin-type but rather a harpsichord-type cartridge. It is not tone blind but it also not tone-crazy. Instead of luxury in tone Shelter 901 throws a luxury in articulations - sort of the sound of Mravinsky’s orchestra vs. the sound of  Karel Ančerl’s orchestra…

At least it is how I see the things….

The Cat

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