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Post Subject: No worriesPosted by Brian Clark on: 3/29/2005

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Romy, a true old-fashioned mono cart, like the Ortofon C Series, has NO vertical compliance at all so theoretically could cause heavy damage to a stereo trace. However I am in correspondence with a chap who does play SOME old stereo pressings with a CG 25 and even after repeated plays detects no deterioration on subsequent playing with a stereo cart.

The wires in the SPU Mono come from stereo coils which have been rotated 45 degrees to emphasise lateral reponse and de-emphasise vertical response - i.e. L+R output with L-R cancelled.

Your cartridge will have the same 25 micron (1 mil) spherical stylus tip as the CG 25 so will ride a little higher in the groove than your 17 micron (0.7 mil ) tipped DL-102.

I would expect them to recommend the SPU Mono over the C-series to enquirers because it can be used exactly the same as a stereo cart with no caveat about groove damage to stereo LPs.
I.e. it's the safer option for someone who is swapping with a stereo cart on a single arm.


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