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Post Subject: Bad Ortofon boys...Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/29/2005

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I even never thought about “damaging of stereo records” as there are other objectives to peruse mono cartridge.

Anyhow, I appreciate your help, Brain. I understand that White/Blue and Red/Green carry identical signal but it is not the question. The question that I had if those wires divide as the parallel feeds from one single coil or they come form two coils with electrically reversed polarity (like we do usually when you strap a stereo cartridge to play mono). This SPU does looks small and it does looks like it has one coil but you said “its coils rotated 45 degrees to reduces…” Theoretically in the Ortofon world SPU means "Stereo Pick-Up", so it sounds like my Mono cartridge is a regular stereo cartridge rewired in mono configuration. Frankly speaking I was under impression that Ortofon is curious company and if they suggested that thier cartridges are mono then it would have one single motor and from the Mono-times needle’s diameter. Apparently I extended too much credit to them… I have to look at this thing under a microscope. I hope they did not cheat with the spherical profile…

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