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Post Subject: The fight with Shelter 901Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/15/2008

Ok, I desired to go to the bottom of it and found what was/is the problem with Shelter’s tendency for high static. First I checked the arm.  Putting 3 different cartridges (with own head-shell) to my 3012I recognize that there was zero static during my “lifting test”. So it was the Shelter itself.

The polls of the Shelter and the needle are not grounds and I thigh this it might be a problem, they kind of have no reference to ground in the balanced configuration of the cartridge. Most of the cartridges have magnet and needle not grounded and it never a source of static with them. Who knows, perhaps with Shelter it is different….

 So, I took a conductive silver epoxy and glued a cooper magnetic wire right to the body of the poll piece. The other side of the wire I soldered to the shell that is grounded by own SME bayonet to the rest of the tonearm. No result. No result at all, still the 2 seconds static noise is there, making the cartridges dust vulnerable. I clearly have no idea what to do next and how to fight the static with this needle…


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