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Post Subject: Bass, Overload and Tesla's GhostPosted by Paul S on: 9/12/2008

This post is the phono-relevant part of info carried over from my recent "better tubes" post in the ML2 thread.

Subsequent listening has established that the electricity during that session was better than I'd thought at the time (dammit!).  Be that as it may, the combination of decent electricity and  better input tubes for the ML2s yielded bass and apparently-unlimited tracking and wide-band power like I've not gotten to date, and frankly I had not thought my system capable of this level of performance.  No noise, no fade and no "quit" from the K&K during any of this.  I mentioned in the ML2 post that harmonics were not fully developed yet, but since I have gotten better in the past it means that the K&K can do it/is not the culprit now.

So, I take this to mean that the K&K is still more than holding its own in my system.  In fact it has helped me to get considerably more from my system by "improving" right along with other impovements, and it has helped the ML2's new input tubes with redeeming my "fading" cartridge.

Now, if the effing power would only stay good...

Paul S

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