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Post Subject: Something is definitely wrong with Shelter.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/8/2008

Today the electricity was wonderful and I had some time spent playing records. I was playing only my ill Shelter and I really did not like what I heard. At this point I might confirm that even the lowest bass is not where I would like it to be – it looks like the Shelter gets worse and worse dally. I one more time played with VTF, VTA, with arm setting – everything is absolutely perfect. Still I have

1)      Compression at the entire lower region
2)      Redaction of bass transients, along with fastening bass decay.
3)      Picking some very strange noises at HF
4)      Redaction of bass lowest end.
5)      Severs deppersonization of upper mid range
6)      Complete disability to play soft across all spectra.

Everyone is keep telling me that my damping in the cartridge is goner but honestly I do not buy it as now. Two month ago, when I did my “End of the Life Phonostage” the cartridge was perfect. Now the needle and the suspension are very same.  It is imposable to have such a rapid worsening of damping.

I am still at lost. I did sole to myself the idea that I get another cartridge but the  true reasons what happened with my current Shelter is truly interests me.

The Cat

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