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Post Subject: Kerry, let look a very little more seriously.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/27/2005

 Kerry Brown wrote:
Bruce says his folded upper bass horns work much better though - and he's usually right...
Well, let do not contaminate ourselves with superficiality. If Bruce suggests that his folded upper bass horns works better then his straight horn, and if it is correct (do not forget the he said about his horns), then it means absolutely nothing.

Bruce’s midbass folded horns that he uses with Titans I believe have 2 curves and they are effectively longer then Bruce’s straight horn with the same mouth rate. So, if we have two horns of different distance with the same cut off then the folded horn should have smaller throat diameter. Consequentially the smaller throat diameter horn would be EQed lower and will loaded as “a horn” lower then the larger throat diameter horn. Also, the longer horn (presumably they run the same curve) should provide higher dB gain. Even if Bruce uses the same drivers and if he locks them at the same resonance frequency then because they are different length horns they are DIFFERENT HORNS. It is not a question that a folded upper bass horn works much better then straight but that that a longer upper bass horn with smaller throat performs better then a shorter one.

How to quantify and measure up the advantages of the longer horn/smaller throat with the disadvantages of a curved horn no one knows.

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