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Post Subject: Versus..............?Posted by starboy on: 9/7/2008
The Jubilee I was referring to was an Ortofon. I stated with no second thought it hit the bay. Really I should not presume that as maybe it was a first or hundreth thought.

A review of the Mantis from the former Jubilee owner is below.

I cannot comment on later Decca's as my adventures in Deccaland stopped with the Blue though I almost went the Ikedaland route.

Cartridges are a personal thing and what are strengths to moi may not be to others.

At this stage in my listening I care not to want any colouring of a recording regardless of how they are produced. I do not find myself 'switching' carts like I use to. The rest of my cart's if I have any sense should be sold to fund a spare Mantis.

Hence the term I quote from Mr Billington "Gain on a wire" is appropriate with what I require.


p.s. Why do I get paranoid when people quote me...? LOL.

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