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Post Subject: IkonoklastsPosted by drdna on: 9/6/2008
 Romy the Cat wrote:
Otherwise I would buy Warren’s Ikonoklast speaker with Lowther DX-4 driver and will be discovering how to “proporly” appreciate the Decca cartridge


Did you have to mention the Ikonoklast speakers?  Of course it is his own design and this is how he started selling audio products.  They sound exactly as you would expect.  Kind of like watching at the Met a performance of Aida with no sound and very harsh bright lights so you can see the actors makeup and costumes perfectly.  I admit this setup has a superb amount of inner detail, but every last drop of everything else is drained out of the music. 

Nevertheless, he does sell good products.  To keep it in perspective, Warren's idosyncracies aside, I have tried many cartridges in my system, and you know that we generally agree on the way things sound.  Maybe you will get a chance to hear the Reference someday; I am sure you will not be disgusted by it.

Oh well...

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