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Post Subject: I might be using something similar....Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/3/2008


Yes, the variants are multiple but the key I feel might be the following: smaller size, less reliance to baffled, smaller size. Or yes, did I mention the smaller size?

The thing that led me to think about the MiniMe incorporation was my recent discovery of 4” driver that in practically no enclosure (1/8 cu. ft.) does very nice “full-range” sound and being combined with a regular tweeter it does remarkably good. Well, I would not call it “remarkably good” in absolute since but it does reputable sound, much better than most of high end speakers (I am not kidding) and the driver cost $11 (I am not divulging at this point what it is). So, playing this driver in 6” tall speaker and loving the result I was wondering why I can’t stick the drive and the tweeter in my Macondo frame – it need practically no enclosure…  BTW, it is interesting that you mention the “PHL 1120's with a proper ribbon”. I did ordered 2 days ago a “proper ribbon” for my none-integrated all-time-on MiniMe system. So, might be I will be using something similar to what you proposed. I just would like to drive it into a smaller package possible but I also need it to tolerate a lot of volume abuse.

The point is that I very much like idea to have solid state A/B cool rums amp that drive the MiniMe installation that is completely integrated with Macondo. Then, if I wish, I can only by flipping one switch to I can defeat the MiniMe system and turn the big system on. It is what I have no but my monitors are free-standing and not incorporated with Macondo. If I design the Macondo not from scratch then I would put somehow the MiniMe provision in the Macondo’s Frame.

The Cat

PS: BTW, the MiniMe option is not the 7th channel that I was promising last week.

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