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Post Subject: How to make a Cat scared.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/27/2008

 DHT4ME wrote:
Well we know that Steinberg  who created Wavelab is also behind ASIO. The Ottachan ASIO notes state that Wavelab was the sonic standard for compiling the plugin. It is possible to get very close to the Wavelab sonic standard with some players and a whole lot of tweeking. I just would love to see Steinberg make a Wavelab inspired standalone player.

DHT4ME, I do not think that Wavelab would do a “better” standalone player. They are in a different business: they do pro editing software with zillions features and the absolute quality of just a player is hardly would be in their priority list. Who would buy such a thing? Me, another hundred people like me and it would be about it… They might do a player only for DJ use but it would hardly have quality of sound objectives.

When I use WaveLab I use the ASIO, however I would not report that the result worse if I read data directly from the Lynx 16 card. The ASIO besides of everything is a mapper but the Lynx 16 has one mixer that sound perfectly good to me. I do not know what kind driver WaveLab used if it reads directly from a specific Lynx 16’s card channel. It might use ASIO or use some kind of Lynx’s own driver – I have no idea. The Wavelab has 3 options: Windows Mapper, ASIO or Lynx’s specific channel. To my ear the section either ASIO or Lynx’s specific channel sounds kind of identically. When I ran any other contesting players I also read the Lynx’s specific output channel, so I presume that I bypass the Windows generic driver.

I have to generally mention that I am not so good with understanding all those digital idiosyncrasies and when I asked people who know to explain to me the things then I got controversial, not to mention contradictory explanations. Frankly speaking all those digital gismos slightly freak me out. What I see an option screen with 34596th adjustments and each of them slightly alter sound then it really scares me. I have no idea what 99% of them mean and I have no interest to moderate sound on digital domain. All that I would like to do on digital domain is to read and write the digital stream into a file - how simple shell it be and what kind “tweaks” I need if I even set the stream’s level externally on my outboard A/D processor…

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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