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Post Subject: My today’s views on LP culture and my audio habits.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/18/2008

It has been changed. Looking at the extend of my record collection, the efforts I went with my TT setup and my “End of the Life Phonostage” it would be hardly expected from me to be somebody else a die-hard vinyl dude but it is what it is. Those feelings are brewing in me for the last 3-4 years – the feeling of not equitable cost-benefit ratio of LP universe. The subject that in my live makes LP less desirable is FM and I have been straggling with the fact that FM is wiping out my CD/LP listening habits…

If not the subjects of put audio interests (like testing some gear or something like this) then it sometimes goes for weeks or month that I do not listen my CDs or Records. In my listening I pick very specific CDs and very specific LP… and I do not care about other mass CD/LP that I have. So, I kind of slowing considering to get rid of the balk of my CD/LP – the second, third …eleventh and so on performances that I do not need. I do not know how many LP/CD I have, perhaps couple thousands CD and 10-15 thousands records. What I think is to convert it to 1000 CDs and 500-700LPs – the only first the best performances that I know and let the rest go. With amount and quietly of music I have from FM I truly have no interest to the rest of my pre-caned music. 

The only thing that is hanging in the air is what I would do with all those records that I am not interested to hold anymore. To trash then is a barbarism – they are good records and good music. To sell them is not something that attracts me… so I am looking for an inspiration of what to do with those records. I heard that in Seattle some high-end coffee and cigar shops play classical LPs for patrons. If I have a nice shop like this in Boston then I would feed them with selected records… Unfortunately in Boston’s upscale cigar saloons the Morons watch the stupid baseball games…

Oh, well, in 2008 I bought only 3 records. One of them I did not even heard….

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