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Post Subject: The Windows is screwing me… Folders Date on DAWPosted by Romy the Cat on: 8/18/2008

I added another 1T drive to my DAW (the 88/24 fills space fast) and I came to an interesting problem.

I have a few drives to store the recordings on my DAW: orchestral drive, chamber drive, instrumental drive, opera drive, recording drive. I store files as Drive/Folder/File. I give to the Folders the same name as the file and create the folders at the day of the recording.  So, going into a drive and ordering the folders by Creation Date I have good chronological view over my recording on the drive.

Now I added one drive and I need to remap the files. Doing it I need to move the file from one drive to other. This killed my Creation Date that is unacceptable. Different tools meant to deal with this problem (MS Robocopy and alike) do preserve the file dates but do not preserve the folders names. I was trying to backup and to restore- the same problem – even though I do not want to compress the files. It looks like Windows core has control over it. So, I wonder what to do.

I was even thinking to copy the files conventionally and then to write up my own utility that would enumerate the files on the source drive, find by name the copied files on targeted drive and usual Win API or .NET file objects to reset the target file’s Created and Modified dates. Still, I wonder if the solution have already exists out there…

The Cat

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