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Post Subject: Freaking ridicules…Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/14/2008

Referring to my post in the Electivity themed:

I was tempted today to listen one CD that I brought from my work, so I fired up my CD player (I do not think I use if for a couple month, since the Bidat story was over). I listened what I needed and the electricity was quite bad – flat, compressed and granny sound with clouds of white noise.

Then I did something insane…. I connected to Bidat’s out my FM transmitter. It is a cheap 5W $100 transmitter that I use for calibration, I think that one that I have do not work even works good.  I set the transmitter to the frequency that is more of less free and tuned the Rohde & Schwarz to it, feeding the entire system from the Schwarz’s output, effectively bringing the signals via the modulation-encoding and demodulation-MPX-decoding chain.

To my big surprise it was quite good sound BUT the most important was that the sound it was much less impacted by bad electricity. This really made me to think about the nature of FM….

The Cat

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