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Post Subject: The tubes sockets for MilqPosted by Romy the Cat on: 8/12/2008

I do not remember which one I used. I remember that I was deciding if to mount them on chassis vs. to have a small board with tube sockets under the chassis and bring the tubes through the chassis. The board mounting is better as it decuples the tube from the chassis vibrations.  However, in the original Melquiades I decided to go for chassis-mount as it is ease with point to point wiring. In Melquiades DSET I deseed do not change it as the 3-6 channels unit has no chokes-transformer on amp side and therefore no vibration. However, when I converted 3-channel Melquiades into 6 channel DSET I replaced the sockets from whatever I had to Connex sockets. I found the hold the tube much better, much more flexible in mounting and have zillion if other advantages. I drill up the size of the holes in Super Melquiades to accommodate the new sockets.

The Canadian sell them very expensive, but you can find then from Taiwan on eBay for under $10. Unfortunately I was not able to found better sockets for 7-pin gas tubes…

Anyhow, determine what sockets you will be using and how you will be mounting them and THEN place the order for the chassis. Drilling yourself is fine but not for tubes sockets as it will be too visible. It is very easy for John (or whoever) to change the dimension of the holes.

The Cat

PS: God, I am so happy that I am going to do over this crap all over again!!!!

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