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Post Subject: About audio absolutism, audio relativism and audio pragmatismPosted by Thorsten on: 3/24/2005

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 Romy the Cat wrote:
It is a strange felling I have after reading it again. I feel like somebody cooked a beautiful and superbly testy meal, using the most refine cooking techniques and the best ingredients and then, a person took this entire meal and dipped it into an container with Ketchup before eating it.
Perhaps not entierly off base, but a little too extreme. What i have written offers a number of approaches to solving the problem, but as it was written in the context of using a PADEQ to resolve acoustical problems inherent to speakers & room rather than to change said speakers and rooms the essay represents a position I'd describe as "Audio Pragmatism", one which you seem to dislike intensly and which says "if it works it works!"
 Romy the Cat wrote:

I do not really understand all of it, as I always was proponent do not fight with the rooms but to USE them… Certainly it is more pain but I’m a well know masochist…
I agree that ideally we don't fight room acoustics and appropriatly design speakers to match the room acoustics. My little guide is more to do with how we can get good results with speakers that are not suitably designed and possibly in subideal rooms. You may feel that the results will not be once that are agreeable with what you consider "serious playback" and I may be even inclined to agree with that position.

But in the real world many prefer having a slightly less serious playback system that fits their room, lifestyle and preferences to having non at all.... ;-)

Ciao T

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