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Post Subject: The REL Precedent and StereoPosted by Romy the Cat on: 8/2/2008

 Romy the Cat wrote:
I also have some problem with my T85 Multiplex Decoder to read the REL composite signal.  The T85’s decoder read Schwarz’s signal perfectly but it is finicky REL’s signal. I did not figure out yet hat is going on.

I have problems with what audio people say. Ether they deaf or stupid of just run their mouth just for sake of mouth running.  A few days back I was looking for what the knowledgeable audio people say about the REL tuner and I was truly astonished what I read. I was looking for an answer for the problem I had but what I read was evidence the people of there are clueless. The Morons claim that REL Precedent is a phenomenal mono tuner as is but the Precedent as is a nightmare. With the same success one can buy AM radio from 30 and listen it – the identical sound. The Precedent’s output stage is beyond any most disgusting believes but… perhaps it has a good “synergy” with the playbacks and with the reference point of the people who appreciate the Precedent-mono sound.

Then there is Stereo. My problem with Precedent’s stereo sound was why I went into people to see what others say. To me the SU-1X is the reference stereo. The T85 Multiplex Decoder driven by Schwarz has practically identical stereo quality, however when T85 is driven by REL the stereo imagine is very pure. It is not that T85 is bad MPX decoder – it is extremely good I presume that since the REL was made before the 1961 - when FCC announced stereo FM - the REL’s composite signal is not optimum to care MPX signal. I did not see anybody mention it about REL but the funny people say “juts attach a multiplex decoder to REL and you will have it”. Have what? Do those people have any remote sense who a proper FM stereo broadcast shell be presented? The Precedent’s stereo a juts a sad parody, at list in my case, how the FM stereo shell be. I was wondering why.

Upon further investigation, reading the technical articals like this:

and consultant with different people I come to the discovery that mono and stereo need different bandwidth from intermittent frequency stage. The REL IM section is fine for mono signal but when REL cares wider bandwidth of stereo signal then it truncates the side-band, introducing HF phase distortions – it is exactly how it sounds. I consulted with Dima and he was laughing saying that it is silly to expect the best sound while caring stereo with IM section that has mono-targeted 250kHz bandwidth. So, what REL need to be able to run any more or less civilized stereo is to widen the bandwidth of intermittent frequency stage to 400kHz.  Then, only then it would worth to look how the REL sounds in full stereo. Without it (if I am correct) the REL is good only for listing the NPR’s  “Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!” but not good for the real musical broadcasts.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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