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Post Subject: The style vs. the actual hate.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 7/31/2008

 drdna wrote:
Well, I think it is just his style.  He calls 'em as he sees them.  Romy, you don't actually hate Michael Fremer do you, more just despise what he does, right? 

This is an interesting question. I think that I am more driven in this by hated then by despise. The state of despise imply actions I do not support.  I do not despise the specific actions of the Fremer and the rest of the reviewing woof pack but rather I contempt the frame of mind that drive those people. This is rather a hate then despise as it directed to the state of being instead of to the specific actions. So, what I hate in those people? I hate a very fundamental and very deep-sited premise that somebody can practice audio for anything else then for himself or herself. I do practice audio and quite extensively as one might say. However, I clearly understand that whatever I do in audio has the only one beneficiary – my own objectives, my iown  nterest and my own  gratification. I do not care about anybody else’s benefits, it might not sound friendly but it is what it is.  The Framer and the Co. claim that the elected group of retarded criminals or just plain idiots made their agenda to practice audio for the benefits of other. What a foolishness! I have no problems juts to generically hate this stupid notion and consequentially to wipe my feet off any idiot-conformist who is involved into the propelling” of this foolish belive.

Then the “style” comes. I truly do not care and do not need those people – so, how would you treat the people whom you do not need and whose mind you hate?

Anyhow, what I wrote the initial satire about the Framer I was not driven by hate but rather by fun. If I have time I would write up the similar about any public audio figure. The Australian Markus’ complains I throw away – he is in too premature state and too far from general audio awareness – a little zombie heard something off the bitten path and he got disoriented and confused… It is like in MacDonald to ask any for a mill with some kind of atypical customization and they look at your like you are a war criminal…

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