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Post Subject: Reflecting on the evolution of one's own audio viewsPosted by drdna on: 7/30/2008
 markus46 wrote:
I don't believe that making fun at other people's expense adds value to a point of view.  Certainly not the foul language and vicious name-calling employed by Romy.
Well, I think it is just his style.  He calls 'em as he sees them.  Romy, you don't actually hate Michael Fremer do you, more just despise what he does, right?  To me, at a certain point in the evolution of my understanding of audio, I grew jaded, frustrated, and utterly filled with ennui by the dominance of marketing hype in high-end audio.  When we lash out at a specific person, it is perhaps moreso an expression of this general frustration.  

Paul, you really hit it on the head.

 markus46 wrote:
Assuming you're in the market for a new component, then perhaps the middle ground is to read the whitepapers, reviews, web sites with an open mind.  Then listen yourself (preferably in your own home with your own gear) and make your own decision as to if there is an improvement and if that improvement is worth the asking price. My point is (again) that even though I am happy with my Linn LP12, Linn Basik LVX+ and Decca London Gold w/Garrot Bros. stylus, and can find no specific sonic shortcomings, I am open to the possibility that there could be something better out there.
I was at this point, too, about 25 years ago, and I would call myself an audiophool at that stage, but I had an open mind and explored what I heard and sought to understand and explain it.  This is what allowed me to evolve perhaps.

 markus46 wrote:
Having said that, I won't be spending any more time here.  As I said, I only stumbled across this site and thought I'd take Romy to task for some of his more outlandish comments.  Sadly it is the intellectual equivalent of stealing candy from a baby.
Well, that is too bad.  I think it would behoove you, Mark, to stick around and read every entry in this website in detail.  Not that it is the Bible regarding what you personally may prefer at all.  Rather, it might help you to break free of the mental chains of the audio marketing paradigm and develop you own understanding of audio.


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